Splits in 90 Days

Want flexibility?

“Learn the Jealously Guarded Okinawan Secret to FAST FLEXIBILITY without warming up!”

Say goodbye to stiff, inflexible muscles – then say HELLO to Loose, Flexible and Powerful Muscles and Pain Free Joints

Better Health
Pain Free
Reduced Injuries
Stress Reducer

Why Our Program?

Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever wanted to have a limber, flexible, and agile body but never made any real progress with other stretching and flexibility methods, then what I’m about to reveal to you will definitely make your day.

Here’s why?

Years ago, I noticed that there were two types of flexibility: that which looks impressive but has no real function, and that which is so impressive your life is catapulted to a new destination.              

In my life long study of fitness and martial arts, the people that I learned the most practical and functional information from were those old Okinawan karate masters. During my travels and training, the same common traits kept popping up when I attended a class led by a teacher from a traditional Okinawan or even Chinese background.

The Benefits

Flexibility = Better Health. Period.

I thought I was pretty flexible, but after understanding the Secret which was right under my nose for so many years, my…

  • back no longer ached,
  • my hamstrings are super functional and limber,
  • and my hips are loose and pain free.


Not only that but I can…


  • DROP DOWN IN THE SPLITS in a flash.
  • Kick HEAD high with ease…without any preparation.
  • Keep my body injury FREE with proven FLEXIBILITY SECRETS
  • Can handle stress better than 99.9% of America
  • And do all this without any warm up routine.

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Myth: Warmup is Necessary


I’ve sparred with the late, great, Joe Lewis the father of American Kickboxing and earned a 7th Degree black belt under his system. I even went on to earn a black belt under the greatest kicker of all time, (besides me), Bill “Superfoot” Wallace.

Even so, as great as these two instructors were, the real secrets of flexibility I learned from my instructors from Okinawa and China. They were beyond belief. These guys didn’t do any warming up. They didn’t need to…they would be ready to deliver a deadly blow without any warm up-they could also bend straight over and put their palms flat on the floor with their legs straight at a moment’s notice.

The fact they were so functional and flexible intrigued me beyond belief! On one hand I figured if you ever get attacked on the street and have to kick the crap out of some thug you’re not gonna have a chance to warm up. So I’m fine with having super freaky flexibility and not having to warm up.

Once I was at a seminar led by a top level Japanese instructor, Hidetaka Nishiyama Sensei. He was one of the last men to train with Gichin Funakoshi, who founded the Shotokan System. When I watch this old 75 year old master, I finally understood the secret.

I thought to myself, “Why isn’t anyone else picking up on this?”

And guess what happened??? With this Okinawan Flexibility Secret I won Two World Championships kickboxing!

Now I know what you might be thinking, ‘I’m not a karate guy so how’s this going to help me?’ This Okinawan Flexibility Secret works for virtually anyone, including my 69 year old mother, who began training with me 10 years ago. People who have no interest in martial arts are now doing the splits and much more with this closely guarded SECRET.

During the latter part of my career as a fighter, a friend who owned a Chinese restaurant in town introduce me to at the time, an 85 year old Tai Chi master. This guy was the real deal. He grew up in the Hunan province and studied with Shaolin monk.

In my small town this guy was a treasure. For five years I traveled to his house and did Tai Chi in his basement. I did this with the master until he was 90. Working with this Master taught me more about flexibility and energy than I could every express in words. He taught me many Qi Gong exercises. Guess what I noticed he did before every class???

It was THE SECRET! It was a little variation from the Okinawan version but it was there.


The secret made me permanently flexible, from head to toe and it can do the same for you too.

The Proof

Once we were doing the FORM, and the Tai Chi MASTER, decided to show us some applications. He was only 5’4″, yet he took his foot and kicked up toward my head. I’m 6’2” yet he slapped his hand together with his foot in front of my face. That day as we sat drinking HOT TEA after workout, as we did after each work out, I pondered the SECRET even more.

Fast forward to today. I’ve been teaching karate, kickboxing, and martial arts as my full time profession for over two decades now, rapidly approaching a quarter of a century. I get guys all the time that come in Stiff as a Board, and when I show them the secret, the one detail that can CATAPULT their flexibility in as little as one session – they are astonished.

BAM! They have a quantum breakthrough and their life is changed.

For example, one day Joe came to the dojo (school) in his late 40’s. He said he’d been stiff as a board from all the heavy weight training he did in college. Well Joe listened to me and followed the plan verbatim and now he’s super flexible, pain free, and actually getting ready to celebrate another birthday. He’s well past that half century mark now and still as agile and flexible as ever.


Imagine, being able to bend over and tie your shoes without looking for a chair, even at 49 years old or older.

I’ve had guys come in the next day after sharing the secret with them and say, “Hurricane, I actually feel better after going through that routine just one time. I feel 10 years younger already!”

It’s old hat to me now, and happens often, but the look on people’s faces when they come in to share their success story with me, about how they feel much better overall, their back doesn’t hurt any more, their hips don’t ache, keeps me energized to share the Secret with everyone.

I’ve decided now, at my students urging to put this method into a course. For hundreds of years the karate masters kept this secret to themselves and only shared it with a select group. I’m the only American who’s let the cat out of the bag, so you can be super flexible, too. Being American is about blazing new trails and sharing ideas with others. Especially if they’re as beneficial as this.

Now you can have a copy of this closely guarded Secret. I’ll have you doing the Splits in 90days or my name isn’t HURRICANE HUDSON. 

I’ve taken all the guess work right out of your flexibility routine. It’s down to a science that guarantees results-


F A S T !

I’ve spelled it out so simply that even a 40, 50 or 60 year old father or mother of three can figure it out.